Here’s some basic, distorted math some so-called guru posted on Twitter the other day.

Cost of website: $100

Cost of brick and mortar: $50,000

Here’s my version.

Cost of profitable website: $180,000

It’s based on the following math.


  1. Website redesign to actually make the thing look credible and handle e-commerce: $5,000


  1. Time wasted in denial thinking free traffic will make you rich: $50,000
  2. SEO: $10,000
  3. Paid Traffic : $20,000 a year

Everything Else

  1. Product: $50,000
  2. Admin, cust service + shipping: $50,000

Grand Total: $185,000

That’s a nice chunk of change!

You can get more out of that investment if you can get your customers to return and buy more.

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