Today’s post is dedicated to the skeptical ones.

Target, the 6th largest retailer in the US, recently launched a rewards program.

They too, like some of my readers were skeptical about the value of a loyalty program. But after several quarters of losing customers and decreasing sales, Target has now joined the rewards bandwagon.

Another reason Target launched the loyalty program is because their own customers kept asking for it.

Target’s rewards program consists of a 4% cashback. Customers will have to spend a minimum of $500 to qualify for the reward.

The 4% reward is good but the $500 minimum is too high.

This implies that Target is using the rewards program to keep their most loyal customers shopping with Target instead of at Walmart or Amazon.

Like Target, if you want to protect your most loyal customers from going to the competition, then check out RewardCamp.

It will not only keep them shopping with you, but it can even re-activate loyal customers that you have lost.

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