Anne replied yes and I couldn’t believe it!

She had just agreed to pay for a year’s subscription to RewardCamp before the software was even built.

I found Anne on the BigCommerce forums complaining about the lack of a loyalty functionality. Anne was among a dozen BigCommerce retailer I had reached out to before building RewardCamp.

I had hundreds of calls with them to learn about their needs and their frustrations about customer loyalty.

I heard a few things over and over:

  1. Online retailers face tons of competition. They need a rewards app that gives customers a reason to keep shopping with them.
  2. Online retailers are very busy running their business. They need a rewards app that does not take up their time.
  3. Finally, these retailers told me that they need a rewards app that is friendly and delightful for their customers.

And that’s exactly what I built RewardCamp to do.

The rest is history, as they say.

Beyond RewardCamp, here are a few things that you may not know about me:

  • I once won the funniest costume award at the office Halloween costume competition.
  • I once talked my way out of a mugging and carjacking
  • I love reading biographies and my favorite are Titan and Hamilton, both by Ron Chernow.

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– Raheem Sarcar
Founder, RewardCamp