Once, a fox had jumped into a well and couldn’t climb out. After being stuck for several hours, a goat came by the well.

The goat asked the fox, “Hey, how is the water down there?”

Seeing his opportunity, the fox replied, “This is the best water I have ever had. Jump in and see for yourself.”

The goat readily jumped into the well and began to have a drink. Right then, the fox jumped on the goat and with another jump, he was out of the well.

The goat realized his folly and asked the fox to help him climb out. But the fox had already run into the forest.

Something similar is happening to e-commerce merchants.

They are jumping into the discounting well, hearing about the huge sales made by competitors who offer discounts and promotions.

But what they don’t realize is that the foxy retailer has a system in place to convert every promotion into repeat business and repeat orders.

Don’t jump into the discounting well and be stuck. Have a plan to convert discount customers into repeat customers.

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