Here’s a bizarre incident. A demon-like possession was caught on video in Malaysia.

A guy walked into a convenience store, opened the fridge door and pulled out a drink. Just then he began shaking violently, fell to the floor and it looks like he is having a seizure of some sort.

And then it gets really strange.

While still shaking violently, he points at stacks of toilet paper. Seconds later, the toilet rolls fall off the shelves and a ghost like apparition moves through the fridge. Customers can be seen freaking out and running away.

Strange indeed. And not good for business.

Similar things are happening in e-commerce. Mean-spirited (and maybe even demon-spirited) customers walk into your business and leave negative reviews that scare away prospects and customers.

One way to prevent this is to grow your repeat customers.

Repeat customers love what you are doing. Instead of scaring away customers, they tend to attract new customers by word of mouth and positive reviews.

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