Jack Aubrey was the captain of the Surprise, a frigate in the British navy. At the time, Napolean was waging war across Europe. Twice Captain Aubrey’s ship was attacked by the bigger, faster and more powerful French frigate, the Acheron. Twice captain Aubrey escaped through luck and cunning.

After the second attack captain Aubrey had, had enough. He said: “This is the second time he’s done this to me. There will not be a third.”

After escaping from the attack, Captain Aubrey’s first order of business was to repair his ship and shore up its defenses. Next, he started a rigorous training regime of his crew to get them ready for a swift attack. His ship’s advisers were hesitant about captain Aubrey’s plans to win against the bigger, faster and more armored Acheron. They tried to change his mind but he wouldn’t budge.

After repairs were completed, the supplies replenished and the crew sufficiently trained, the Surprise set sail, looking to capture the Acheron. But a string of storms, bad weather, and loss of crew demoralized the crew. And yet Captain Aubrey remained focused on his mission.

This story is from the movie Master & Commander. You’ll have to watch it to learn the ending.

If your e-commerce business is under attack from competitors, then use the captain Jack Aubrey playbook to start winning.  First, shore up your defenses by making sure you are not losing your best customers.

Second, go out and find more new repeat customers.

Third, offer deals to your competitor’s customers and convert them into your  customers.

This is the Jack Aubrey way of going on the attack and bringing your competitors to their knees. RewardCamp can help you – by converting new buyers into loyal customers. Sign up for a free trial of RewardCamp and make more money.

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