In Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, our need for love and belonging comes somewhere in the middle. Right below love is our need for safety and above love is our need for respect.

Traditionally, love has not been a topic of business discussion. I think that’s because most businesses have been about delivering our basic needs of food, shelter, security, etc.

However, the world is changing.

It is increasingly mass produced and impersonal, hyper-connected and lonely, automated and unfeeling, cheap and pinching. In such a world, the human touch, the act of caring, the feeling of loving and being loved is both desperately needed and deeply rewarding.

And who says this is something that businesses cannot deliver. The best part is that small businesses are actually good at this.

Here at RewardCamp, we are in the business of helping you to build customer loyalty.

But what is loyalty but an extension of love. My goal is to help you deliver that love to your customers.

As Mr. Rogers said it so simply:

“I like you just the way you are.”

Happy valentine’s day!

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