Rob Cook has been involved in the family floral business – Nancy’s Floral since the early 90s.

The online floral business is extremely competitive. Local florists have to compete against national floral sites like and They have to be agile and innovative to compete against these national floral retailers, who have huge advertising budgets.

Rob decided to redesign their website and move to the BigCommerce platform. As part of the BigCommerce migration, they also began offering rewards to build customer loyalty using the RewardCamp app.

So what kind of results did Rob achieve? Before offering rewards, they had $3,560 in repeat orders.

After offering rewards via RewardCamp, their repeat orders jumped!

In 2015, it jumped to $6,184.

In 2016, it jumped again to $16,464.

Offering rewards via a customer friendly rewards platform works! It motivates customers to keep ordering again and again.

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