Over the last decade, the number of independent florists have shrunk from 30,000 to 15,000 in the United States.

Amidst this decline, Albuquerque Florist has been growing in the double-digits every single year for the last 15 years.


Brennen Rigler, the owner of Albuquerque Florist has been selling online for over a decade.

The key to their success has been operational rigor and smart acquisitions.

Brennen holds a daily huddle with his staff to discuss the previous day’s success and failures. The successes are celebrated and the failures provide staff an opportunity for problem solving and improving their processes.

Google Adwords and SEO Optimization to Acquire New Customers

Albuquerqueflorist.com has created neighborhood specific, SEO-optimized pages that have enabled them to be the #1 ranked page for neighborhood searches like “Kirtland Air Force base flower shop”


In addition to SEO, Brennen spends $5000.00 per month on Google ads. A 3rd party marketing company initially setup and managed their PPC campaigns.

However, it was brought in-house a year ago. Since then, they have successfully doubled the number of orders received while maintaining the same monthly spending level.

Great Customer Service and a Loyalty Program to Keep Customers Coming Back

Once they get a new customer, Brennen uses a loyalty program and great customer service to convert new customers into repeat customers.

After Valentine’s Day, Mother’s day weekend is one of the biggest days of the year for the floral industry.

During the 2016 mother’s day week, Albuquerque Florist handled 2500 orders. Even with bad weather, 99.3% of the orders were delivered on time.

This high level of on-time and accurate delivery was achieved by double-checking and inspecting every order before it goes out the door.

To further ensure customers satisfaction, Brennen’s staff have standing orders to do whatever it takes to make a customer happy.

But the highly competitive nature of the floral industry means that great customer service alone is not enough to keep customers returning and shopping.

So Brennen implemented a customer friendly loyalty program powered by RewardCamp.

As a result of these steps, Albuquerqueflorist.com has tripled repeat orders from $3,233 during the 2015 Valentine’s Day to $10,494 during the 2016 Valentine’s Day weekend.

By providing a great first experience and following that up with a rewards program, Brennen has built a systematic approach to growing his business even as the overall floral industry has been shrinking.

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