An e-commerce retailer down in Florida ships using USPS priority mail.

Recently, a customer placed an order with incorrect shipping address. It was too late to intercept and got delivered to the wrong address.

Then he started receiving emails from the customer with a rude tone. Customer said they contacted the post office to redirect the shipment and even contacted the address that it was shipped to and haven’t received a response.

The e-commerce retailer didn’t know how to respond so he went to a forum looking for advice.

Here’s the advice he received:

Option 1: Respond politely to customer with a note saying:
“Sorry, but once a package has shipped to the address specified, we can no longer accept responsibility. However, if the recipient sends it back we are happy to issue a refund. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.”

Option 2: Ignore it. Sounds like fraud.

Option 3: Offer them another one at cost. You’re not out anything extra, and it’s a gesture to show you want to help, even though the problem was always out of your hands.

Which option would you suggest?

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