True story.

A BigCommerce retailer has been selling Christian themed clothing for five years. Six months ago, she decided to focus on selling via social media. But it’s been a lot of work generating content, images and posting 2-3 times a week on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

She’s burning out!

She wrote into a forum asking for advice on other ways to increase her sales. She received the following suggestions:

  1. “Focus on organic search… It’s a lot of work but will pay off in time.”
  2. Set up a google feed and submit site map to google.
  3. Write some content for your site.
  4. Get links from other sites.
  5. Send your t-shirts to be reviewed by bloggers.
  6. Use Google adwords.
  7. Expand product selection by including drop shipped products.
  8. Get a toll free number.

It’s a solid list of suggestions and involves a lot of work. That’s the reality of building an online business – it takes time, effort and money to get customers.

However, one simple step can magnify all of the above actions – offering easy to use rewards can convert each new buyer into a repeat customer.

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