The late, great Gary Halbert, used to teach marketing at a community college.

At his class, Gary used to play a business game with his students.

He’d tell them: “Lets say we are selling hamburgers. What advantage would you want to have?”

His students said, “I’d want to have a great location.” Another one said “I’d want to have the best burger.”

Gary replied “You guys can have all these advantages. All I want is a hungry crowd and I’ll beat all of you.”

It’s a lot easier to sell to someone who is hungry for your product.

And it’s even easier to sell to someone who is already a customer.

But doesn’t mean, it’ll happen all by itself. Especially because your competitors are working hard to grab your customers.

There is a solution.

One that your customers will love.

One that will keep your customers safe from competitors.

And best of all, one that keeps them spending with you.

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