Meet Max.

Max is an “average” guy. He’s got a wife and couple of kids. They mean the world to him. Those are the only people he’s interested in impressing.

Max loves reading about business and entrepreneurship. For fun, he takes family vacations and watches movies.

Let me tell you about Max’s business. He’s been in e-commerce for more than five years. He makes mid 6 figure profits a year.

His online store is nice but nothing special. His sales have been growing every single year in the double digits, yet he advertises a lot less than his competitors. He’s got a few employees who are motivated and hardworking.

His business never stresses him out. He doesn’t put up with non-sense from customers, employees or suppliers.

Max’s e-commerce business is on auto-pilot and he spends most of his time doing three things:

  1. Hanging out with his family
  2. Making his online store even more profitable
  3. Learning about and starting other businesses

Now you may be wondering… what was Max’s secret to building a profit machine that takes so little of his time, that allows him to spend time with family, that generates cash flow for him to start other businesses and make even more money?

The answer: Best customers.

Max has customers who love to buy from him. And they buy tons from him. His customers are extremely loyal. His customers are his marketing army and his sales force.

You may be wondering how Max got such customers?

Below are some of Max’s secrets for building extraordinarily profitable business on best customers.

  1. Max has a mission of getting the most, best customers.
  2. Max has setup the best systems for his business.
  3. Max uses automation.
  4. Max prefers tools that are simple and easy.
  5. Max provides strategic customer service that is all about making his best customers feel special.
  6. Max uses strategic advertising that targets customers who are likely to become the best customers instead of the cheapskates who search are always looking for deals.
  7. Max chooses products that fits glove in hand with his best customer’s needs.
  8. Max is really good at walking away.
  9. Max is not chasing shiny new objects.
  10. Max is patient.
  11. Max pays himself first.
  12. Max has fun.

All of the above principles are built on the foundational mission of building a business comprised of the best customers.

One of the easiest ways you can start to get more of the best customers is by using RewardCamp. RewardCamp uses Max’s rules 1, 2, 3, 4 and it helps with a bunch of the others as well.

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