Yesterday evening, I walked by a Chinese restaurant with pictures of their dishes. One of these showed a plate full of steamed dumplings.

Immediately I was taken back to my time at Shanghai Joe’s – New York City’s best dumpling joint.

This restaurant is so popular that the only way to eat is to share your table with strangers.

My mind went into Hollywood mode, replaying in rich detail the steamed dumplings going into my mouth, flavorful juices running through my taste buds, every savory bite bringing pure gastronomic joy.

I walked into the restaurant and tried their dumplings.

And it was disappointing. Nowhere near the juiciness or as flavorful as the ones at Shanghai Joe’s.

Worst, it was twice as expensive.

I had to re-learn that old lesson – don’t order fish at a steak restaurant. Or in my case, don’t order dumplings except at Shanghai Joe’s.

Same problem also happens in e-commerce.

Online retailers offer rewards but do it using a complicated system that their customers hate.

Instead, use the Shanghai Joe of the rewards world – RewardCamp. It’ll make your customers happy and they’ll be back to order again.

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