Do You Have The Courage To Take On All Your E-Commerce Competitors From Fly-by-night Discounters To Amazon?

And Own Several Multi-Million Dollar E-Commerce Businesses?
(This is a private advertisement. It is meant for the tremendously ambitious e-commerce entrepreneur only.)

It is meant for the e-commerce entrepreneur who has, first of all, the relentless desire to outcompete everyone and make more money in a single year than most people make in their lifetime.

It is meant for the kind of entrepreneur, secondly, who has the raw faith in himself to believe today, that tomorrow he may own several multi-million-dollar e-commerce businesses – once he has been shown the techniques for outcompeting and out-maneuvering the entire competition.

And, finally, it is meant for the kind of entrepreneur who is willing to invest in systems instead of tactics.

Systems that not only make money today but puts the business grow in profits and efficiency. Only with systems can a business take on ALL the players – the small ones and the big ones in the industry.

To Make Gigantic Sums of Money You Need Systems Instead of One-Off Tactics

Dan Kennedy, the godfather of direct response marketing, who charges $5000 a day to consult with clients used to struggle in business until he had an ‘a-ha’ moment. He immediately applied this ‘a-ha’ concept and it changed his business and finances. This insight applies equally to the local plumbing business as it does to a Fortune 500 company. You could even say it’s a law of business. And it leads to massive financial success.

It’s pretty simple. Here it is:

Big financial success comes to a business when it has a system for generating leads, customers and repeat business. The keyword is system. A system takes certain inputs and creates a consistent set of outcomes, whether it is leads, orders, or profits.

Since there are already proven systems out there, it’s unnecessary to create new systems.

It used to be pretty expensive to implement systems because it involved buying a bunch of computers, software, hiring consultants, etc. Thanks to advances in software, systems can be implemented for as little as $100 and in just a few hours.

One such system is the customer loyalty system, which has been used by the following retailers to convert new buyers into repeat customers. 

This system has been proven by hundreds of retailers. Here are just a few of the examples.

The British Food Depot has increased their repeat order revenue from $44,813 to $327,861 increased their repeat customer orders from $5,960 to $43,170. increased their repeat customer orders from by $367,988.00

Now you have the opportunity to learn how the above retailers did it. You see, we’ve created the E-commerce customer loyalty guide that shows you how to grow revenue and customer loyalty. This guide shows you how to:

1. Case-study of how retailer increased repeat orders by 700%
2. Case-study of how another retailer grew revenue by $283,048
3. How to get customers to buy bigger ticket items using a rewards program
4. How to win back lost customers using a rewards program
5. How one retailer reduced ad costs using a loyalty program

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