Earlier this year, I tried to learn to play the guitar.

I enrolled in an online guitar playing course and for a few weeks I learned to play the scales.

But I kept struggling when trying to remember the string names – E, A, D, G, B, E.

Then I got busy and stopped practicing.

But last weekend I saw a video of a friend playing guitar and singing a country song on Facebook.

It inspired me.

So I enrolled in a new online guitar course.

This course is all video – a woman shows exactly what to do. I’ve made a lot of progress in just a few days.

Whereas the last time I struggled to remember string names, this time it’s not a problem.

That’s because the instructor lady shared a mnemonic –
Eddie(E) Ate(A) Dynamite(D), Good(G) Bye(B) Eddie(E) – which are the six strings.

My goal is to learn a country song by valentine’s day. Something by Waylon Jennings or George Strait.

It’s great when you have someone show you how it’s done and helps you remember the details.

Speaking of remembering and forgetting, you know who else forgets easily?

Your customers do.

They forget your name or they forget your website address.

And the next time they need that widget you sell, they end up going to Amazon.

Here at RewardCamp, we solve this problem.

RewardCamp helps your customers to remember you. Especially when they need to shop the next time. That’s one of the ways RewardCamp increases your revenue.

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