79 year old priest, father Vincenzo Taraborelli is one of Rome’s busiest exorcists. He performs up to 30 exorcisms a day.

He stumbled on to the exorcism world by accident, when a fellow priest needed help and enrolled him.

Fr. Taraborelli had not been trained in exorcism, so he learned on the job.

When people come to see Fr. Taraborelli, he suggests that they fist work with a therapist. In fact, many local psychologists refer their patients to him.

His most memorable case involved a woman he treated over a decade ago. A demon worshipper was smitten by her but she refused his advances.

The spurned demonist told her she would regret it and cast so-called spells on her. Soon she became very disturbed.

When the woman came to Fr. Taraborelli, she was very agitated. He began the exorcism by reading prayers and she went into a trance.

In her trance, she was blurting out insults and incoherent words. Fr Taraborelli then ordered the devil, “In the name of Jesus, I order you to go away.”

Then she started throwing up metal pins, five at a time. A little later, she threw up pebbles, pieces of wood and balls of hair.

But Fr Taraborelli is getting old and trying to get younger priests to join him. He was complaining to the bishop that younger priests are not interested, that many of them are scared.

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