Features and Values

Grow Loyalty Fast

RewardCamp makes it easy for your customers to earn and use their rewards. This ease gets your customers returning more often to place that next order.

Lost Customer Activation Wizard

Identify the customers who have not shopped in a while and get them. spending again with our ‘Lost Customer Activation’ feature. Request a demo to see this feature in action.

Offer Cashback Rewards

Cashback rewards are the most effective rewards to get customers coming back and spending again.

Monthly Growth Report

Receive monthly reports showing exactly how many orders and revenue you earned from loyal customers. We are the only loyalty program that provides this level of transparency.

Rewards Campaigns

Offer double rewards for special holiday occasions.

Shopper Notifications

Customers forget. RewardCamp gently reminds your customers and creates a bump in sales every month.

Top Customers

Learn which customers are your top spenders so that you can treat them extra special and keep them shopping longer.

Explainer Page

We provide copy to create your loyalty explainer page.

Exclude wholesale customers

You can exclude certain customers from the loyalty program.

Tiered Loyalty

Motivate your big spenders to spend even more by offering a tiered loyalty program.

Detailed Customer History

Easily search any customer and learn their order and rewards history.

Free Import

We will import your customer points and rewards from any loyalty program for free.

Give RewardCamp a shot!

With all the benefits to gain, and hassle-free installation, what’s there to lose?