Few weekends ago I watched a ton of YouTube videos on how to build a pond. One of those videos had a big business lesson. The videos are made by a guy in Michigan building his dream country home in a large rural property with several hundred acres. He has already built a country home with a three car garage. Now he’s creating a large fishing lake and some smaller ponds to attract deer (he’s a hunter).

This one video is about him building one of these deer ponds. It’s a two person job but he was doing it alone. First he filled a 250 gallon bucket with water. Then he towed the water bucket, pump, a plastic liner and other supplies out to the woods.

Once at the pond site, he laid down the plastic liner (the soil at this location is too porous to hold water). Then he hooked up several pipes, setup the pump and started pumping water into the pond. He had to go back and forth, fill up the large bucket several times to fill the entire pond. It was a lot of work and took him the entire day. He was wiped out by the end. Then he said something that stood out to me:

“I don’t know about you but I’m working for October and November right now. And maybe December and January. You know, if you want good deer hunting and you gripe about how you wish your’s was better wherever you are at, these are the kinds of things you need to do. It’s not easy work, I’m gonna tell you that.”

The part that hit me was “I’m working for October and November right now.” This idea of working hard for the future instead of just for today, is an important factor in business success. It is especially true in e-commerce, where it’s tempting to focus only on today’s problems and opportunities.

But to consistently grow your business, you gotta focus on tomorrow. And sometimes you won’t even get the chance. A new competitor, a hacking incident, supplier going out of business, a warehouse fire, could suddenly impact your business.

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