Last week a friend of mine was visiting from Austin, Texas. We decided to meet for dinner at this Korean fried chicken joint in the East Village.

I get their early to get a table and can’t remember if they accept credit cards. So I ask and get a strange answer. They don’t accept credit cards on weekends but do on weekdays. Which doesn’t make any sense. At any rate, dinner was good. My friend gives me the latest scoop from Austin, Texas (I went to college there).

Later that evening, on my way home, I decide to check out this other Korean restaurant the next time.

So here’s the point. Most loyalty and rewards programs are like that Korean restaurant. They make things hard and confusing for customers. They’ll require customers to jump through hoops to earn and use rewards. Instead of building customer loyalty, they do the opposite – convince customers to leave.

Here at RewardCamp, we focus on the total opposite – to make it easy for your customers. For example, RewardCamp doesn’t require your customers to separately register. It doesn’t require them to redeem their points (it’s done for them). It doesn’t issue difficult to use rewards like coupon codes or gift certificates.

RewardCamp makes it easy for your customers to earn and use their rewards. When customers are using rewards, that’s when the magic happens. That’s when they return to buy again and again from you. So simple!

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