A man in Nevada was ashamed of his humble beginnings.

He is from a small town that had no telephones or even a high school. His parents were uneducated. They had a humble home without an inside toilet or hot water.

When he took his future wife to meet his parents, she had to go to the outhouse to use the toilet. It embarrassed him.

One day he heard a speech that changed the way he thought. The speech was given by Alex Hailey (the writer of the book Roots) about the importance of one’s roots, that roots cannot be escaped, that they must be embraced.

After hearing that speech, this man began to embrace his roots. He turned it from a thing to be ashamed about, to the the positive power of being the underdog.

He stopped saying he’s from Las Vegas and began saying he’s from Searchlight, Nevada. This man went on to become a senator and a majority leader, one of the most powerful men in the United States.

This is the power of the underdog mindset.

It helps you to turn negative into positive.

It helps you win against bigger opponents.

And most importantly, it makes you a better person.

I see this mindset in RewardCamp customers too.

It’s one of the qualities that helps them to take on some of the biggest competitors and win.

RewardCamp is here to help the underdogs.

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