It was winter in Boston and George was an unemployed chemical engineer looking for a job. He had prepared the night before for his phone interview with Chevron for a chemist position. The interview began with the usual pleasantries and they asked how he was.

George responded “It’s 70 degrees and sunny in Boston in November, so I certainly can’t complain.”

They chuckled at his line. Feeling encouraged, he followed up and said:

“Haha, you guys at Chevron keep up the good work with this global warming!”

Silence pursued for 5 solid seconds. George never got a callback from Chevron.

Just as George unintentionally chased away Chevron, e-commerce retailers sometimes chase away customers. Sometimes the shopping cart is broken. Sometimes the website is down. Sometimes prices are marked incorrectly.

And the customer ends up leaving without buying.

But repeat customers are different. They won’t abandon cart when they encounter a problem. To the contrary, they’ll try repeatedly to complete the order and even take the time to let you know of the problem. They’ll give you a chance to fix the problem and return to place the order again.

A customer friendly loyalty program can go a long way towards helping you get more repeat customers. Sign up for a free trial of RewardCamp and get the kind of customers who return to buy again and again.

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