Imagine going to a McDonald’s without cashiers.

You order and pay via kiosks or a mobile app. Once your order is ready, it appears in a cubby with a flatscreen display that shows your name. Helpful staff are available to answer questions, kind of like at Apple stores.

Well, such a restaurant does exist – it’s called Eatsa and has nothing to do with McDonald’s.

Eatsa serves fresh, healthy, vegetarian meals for only $7. The food is so tasty, healthy and cheap that I order lunch twice a week from Eatsa.

It’s also very convenient. Eatsa is growing rapidly. They started in 2015 and already has seven locations nationwide.

The point?

Brick and mortar retail is starting to offer the same convenience and pricing advantage of the e-commerce industry. This convenience will mean greater competition. And where there’s competition, there’s a need for loyal customers.

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