Frank Bettger was a struggling insurance salesman with a family to support. One day, it dawned on him that if he wanted to make more money, he would have to sell bigger life insurance policies.

So he tried to land a big fish.

His first appointment took him months of calling and persisting. He finally got the appointment with Archie Hughes, president of Foss-Hughes, Philadelphia’s oldest auto dealer.

Frank was waiting outside Archie Hughes office. The secretary ushered Frank into the luxurious offices of Archie Hughes at the appointed time.

Standing in the office, Frank’s body was shaking. He was so nervous he was unable to speak. Mr. Hughes looked up in surprise and astonishment. Then Frank stammered:

“Mr. Hughes… I… uh… now that I’m here, I’m so nervous and scared I can’t talk.”

Hearing this, Archie Hughes let his guard down. With a kindly expression, he tried to reassure Frank by admitting:

“That’s perfectly all right. Take your time. I’ve felt the same way myself many times when I was a young man. Sit down and take it easy.”

Archie gently asked Frank questions and tried to help him make the sale. Frank did not make the sale but something far more important happened to him.

Seeing Archie’s acceptance of his fear, Frank was able to acknowledge that he had a fear of speaking to ‘big shots’. Until then he avoided this fear by avoiding important people. He realized how many opportunities he had walked away from, so that he could avoid feeling this fear. He also realized that men like Archie Hughes were actually simple and approachable like him.

That one experience put Frank on a higher income bracket. Frank went on to become one of the most successful sales men in the United States.

Fear is the # 1 blocker of wealth and opportunities. Opportunities like converting your new shoppers into repeat buyers.
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