Jack sells ties online. It started as a hobby project but after getting coverage in some major blogs and magazines he quit his job to work full time on the business.

Few months ago, Jack came into some inheritance money and decided to invest in Google Adwords. He figured it was time to learn a valuable advertising skill and grow his business.

The problem is that Jack gave himself only 2 months to master Google adwords. At the end of those two months, he was out $5000 and still losing money on his ad spend. He gave up on adwords.

What Jack should have done is start small. And given himself a lot more time.

He could have also done what one RewardCamp retailer did – which was to hire an outside agency to setup the Google campaign and brought it in-house after 6 months.

Jack could also have done what another clever RewardCamp retailer did – which was to start with ads on Gmail.

She spent her small budget on Gmail ads (which are cheap) and targeted the ads to people getting emails from specific domains like her competitors. She ended up getting a lot of orders from her small budget.

But our retailers don’t stop there. They take it a step further. They convert these new buyers into repeat customers by offering points and rewards via RewardCamp.

RewardCamp retailers are winners!

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