Finding Love & Opportunity

British native John O’Reilly moved to the United States to marry his American girlfriend.
Soon he found it was difficult to find and buy his favorite British snacks in the US.
John smelled an opportunity.
He decided to see if he could make some money online while looking for a job in the US.
John ordered a small pallet of his favorite British foods. Using Google ads he sold the entire pallet and made $10,000 that first Christmas in America, back in 2008.
Since then British Food Depot has grown and now has a staff of five.

A Tough Business

The grocery niche is very competitive.
From Amazon to small, specialty British stores, John has a lot of competition.
Because his business is about importing food, it involves complex customs regulations. If not managed carefully, these products are not released to John.
On top of that, many of the products are perishable. They have to be sold quickly or they go bad.
Finally, the margins in the grocery business are very small, leaving little room for mistakes.

Trying Several Tactics

Google ads were bringing in a steady stream of new customers. However, the real profits are made when customers return to place repeat orders.
So John was looking for ways to boost repeat orders and customer loyalty.
He was already offering the lowest prices.
His customer service was on point.
He could not offer free shipping since many of his products weigh a lot.
Email marketing was proving effective in generating sales.
But email newsletters are time-consuming to create and send.
That’s when he began offering a rewards program. It helped but did not make a big dent.

The Turnaround

A few years later, John moved his website to the BigCommerce platform.
He took this opportunity to make other improvements to the site.
He moved to a new rewards system from RewardCamp. 
It had an immediate impact. His customers loved it!
The reason was simple.
The new rewards system made it easy for customers to earn and use their rewards.
They did not have to join the rewards program separately.
They did not have to collect and track points.
They did not have to redeem the points to get their rewards.
The rewards were issued within 24 hours.
And when the customer came back to place the next order, their rewards were automatically added to checkout.
This created a moment of surprise and delight for the customers. 
Customers loved it and it was easy for John.

Customers Forget

The problem with most rewards programs is that customers forget that they have rewards.
To get around this problem, John setup RewardCamp to remind customers on a monthly basis.
The reminder is only sent to customers who have unused rewards and customers can opt-out if they choose.
These reminders have proven exceptionally effective.
It has resulted in a monthly sales bump the day after the reminders are sent out.

400% Increase

As a result of the new rewards program, John’s repeat sales increased from $69,690.00 in 2015 to $296,585.00 in 2016.

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