A great e-commerce mystery and secret was unraveled the other day.

This guy was wondering how the same product listed multiple times are selling even though some are listed at higher prices.

They are the same design, material, manufacturer, seller’s rating, etc. And yet the higher priced ones seemed to be selling fine.

The best answer came from Jordan_link, who is succeeding in selling at higher prices.

Here’s the secret!

“I see this as well and compete in some of those categories. One of the things we sell is a black battle rope on Amazon. It’s the same exact product as 5 other listings, but we sell for $20 more. We still sell alot.

Here’s why I think that is:

1) Our pictures are better. The other products use the manufacturer supplied images, and they all look the same. We invested in our own professional photography and the images look alot better

2) Perceived quality. Everyone else is competing on price. We don’t, which leaves us as the highest priced item. I think some people buy at the higher price because they don’t look at the material specs, manufacturer, etc. They just think higher price = better quality.

My recommendation is to really make sure your images are better/different, and that all your listing info (title, description, etc.) emphasizes the high quality of the product.”

Jordan_link has figured out the conversion game does not depend on pricing alone.

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