Few weeks ago, I was planning to spend $5 but ended up spending over $75. Here’s what happened:

I needed some charging cables for my iphone. I had read about a company called Anker that makes better charging cables than Apple and sells them for cheaper.

Anker sells it’s products both on Amazon and their website. But since Amazon had a ton more reviews, I decided to order from Amazon. I found the power cables, read the reviews and added them to the cart. It brought me back to the power cable’s product page.

Then I noticed a little blurb that was bolded:

“Buy 1, get a discount on selected products”

That sentence triggered a powerful series of next steps:

I clicked on the link, a popup came up and shared that I could get 15% discount on a battery pack.  Then I remembered that my phone often runs out of juice during the train ride home each evening. It sure would be nice to have a battery pack for those times.

So I added the battery pack to the cart. The same thing happened all over again. The battery pack had the exact same link:

“Buy 1, get a discount on selected products.”

I clicked the link and learned that I could get a 15% discount on their wireless headphones. That reminded me that my headphones were falling apart. So I added their wireless headphones to the cart.

It was brilliant!

You can do the same with your BigCommerce store. BigCommerce allows you to create a discount type that is “Order $X, get Y% off when you order product Y.” After that, add the following link to your product page:

“Buy 1, get a discount on selected product”

That link should explain to the customer what products will allow them to earn the discount. But there is one more step.

Give this customer a reward via RewardCamp. This step will put them on RewardCamp’s repeat customer funnel. RewardCamp will then nurture this customer and convert them into a repeat buyer.

Grow your repeat buyers with a free trial of RewardCamp.

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