Lagunitas brewery, from California, brews a seasonal beer that’s very popular. They call it Brown Shugga Ale.  Each year, they brew it for a few months and it sells out. But then this one year, there was a problem – there brewery was at full capacity.

They couldn’t brew their daily beers and the seasonal ones like Brown Shugga at the same time. The Brown Shugga took 5 hours to brew while the rest took only 3 hours.  So they cancelled the Brown Shugga that season. Instead, they came up with a substitute beer that brewed faster. It was a compromise and they felt bad about it.

They decided to own the compromise and called it ‘Lagunitas Sucks (Brown Shugga Substitue Ale)’. And they explained their decision on the website.

Lagunitas Sucks ended up becoming a hit as well.

By owning their compromise, they showed a bit of personality. Combined with a curious name and a story behind the name, customers were instantly attracted to Lagunitas Sucks. What all these marketing companies call branding, it’s just really showing a bit of personality. We humans like that kinda stuff. And customers love it. Especially in today’s world of generic, mass-manufactured, profit-at-all-costs, convenience culture.

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