The late, legendary copywriter Gary Halbert sometimes taught a sales and marketing class. During class he’d ask his students:

“If you were starting a hamburger stand, what is the one advantage you’d want to have?”

Some would respond: “The best location”

Others would say: “The best burger”

And a few said: “The best price”

Then Gary responded: “The one advantage I’d want to have is a starving crowd.”

He’d then go on to explain that sales and marketing becomes easy when you are selling to a starving crowd. The trick is to find these hungry crowds. And it can be very difficult.

The good news is that every business already has starving crowds in their customer base. But no one knows how to identify them.

This is where RewardCamp comes in handy. It shows you a list of your top customers. These customers are your hungriest customers. They repeatedly buy from you.

Once you have this list, you can start to identify certain characteristics. You might learn that your hungriest customers have a common profession, or a common interest, or fall in the same age group. Armed with that info, you can now devise an ad campaign to attract more of these starving customers.

Learn more about your hungriest customers with a free trial of RewardCamp.

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