So last week, Shopify sent a bouncy castle to celebrity Kylie Jenner for her birthday. Kylie was so excited that she thanked Shopify on Snapchat, where she has millions of fans.

Thanks to the bouncy castle, Shopify got huge exposure to Kylie’s millions of fans, something that would have easily cost them millions in TV advertising.

You, my dear e-commerce players, can do the same.

Even if you don’t have a celebrity customer and without spending thousands.

What you can do is, send a birthday card or a holiday card to your best customers. The key is to include a hand-written note and a gift certificate.

It’ll make them feel special.

And people like to share special moments on social media. And become an even more loyal customer.

Now, some of you have thousands of customers.

And some of you may not have time to do this.

Then you can setup a customer friendly rewards program like RewardCamp.

It was built to surprise and delight your customers.

Check out a demo of RewardCamp to learn more.

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