Some of your customers really love you. Like a lot! These people are buying from you over and over.

Since they are happy, it’s easy to forget about them.

It’s easy to think they’ll keep shopping with you forever.

But there’s no guarantee.

Even customers who love you, stop shopping with you. Sometimes it’s unavoidable, like when a customer dies.

But sometimes they just fall in love with someone else. Usually it’s your competitor who has stolen a great customer.

But it doesn’t have to end in a broken heart.

As the great lovers of the ages know, the answer is simple – make them feel special and they’ll always be with you.

Some of you may feel that you don’t have money or time to make your customers feel special.

But there’s plenty you can do that does not cost extra but means the world to the customer.

Here are some examples.

  1. AMC theater in NYC has a special line for members of their loyalty program that is always shorter and quicker than normal lines.
  2. Delta offers free luggage and priority check-in for loyal customers, which means they get in and out of the plane first. Which is great when you are traveling.
  3. A local florist provides 2 free personal bouquets to their corporate accounts, usually for the receptionist and the key decision maker.

The key factor in these examples, is that these perks don’t cost much to the business but they mean a lot to the customer.

Here are some ideas for exclusive perks you can offer to your  big spenders.

  1. Free shipping
  2. Gift certificates
  3. Signed by the owner, holiday cards
  4. Early notification of sales

Do one of the above, and your best customers will keep spending even more with you no matter what.

Now, for the rest of your customers, especially the new ones, a loyalty program will convert them into repeat customers.

Schedule a demo of RewardCamp to learn how to do this.

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