This guy was asking for help in an online forum. He wasn’t sure how to pick a loyalty app for his online store.

After five hours, no one had replied. So I chimed in with the following:

1. Does the app require your customers to jump through hoops to earn rewards? Make it easy for them to earn and redeem their rewards. Most rewards app have very low ROI because they are just too difficult for your customers.

2. Does the app issue rewards that are easy to use? Coupon codes can be difficult to use. Store credits are the best kind of rewards since it does not require the customer to enter pesky codes.

3. In a wide ranging study, it was found that consumers hate points that expire and loyalty programs that are complex. So keep your program simple.

4. Also, there are plenty of manual things you can do to generate repeat business. You can get daily tips on increasing customer loyalty from

Incidentally, RewardCamp offers all of the above benefits.

That’s how I built RewardCamp – removed the problems associated with loyalty apps and added features that are customer-friendly.

This is why RewardCamp has an unusually high retention rate with our customers – 98% of our customers keep using RewardCamp.

You can increase your revenue by selling more to repeat customers using RewardCamp. Sign up for a demo to learn more.

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