Time for a story of a RewardCamp retailer.

I was on the phone with Bruce (changed his name for privacy) about a year ago and asked him:

“Bruce, what worries you about your business?”

He replied, “I don’t really worry Raheem.”

So at this point I pressed further and asked if he worries about getting more sales or managing staff?

He admitted that he does want more business and sometimes he has trouble with staff. But he said it’s nothing that worries him.

So I asked Bruce, “Bruce, how come you don’t worry about getting new business?”

And then Bruce went on to share details of his mini business empire. In addition to selling online, Bruce owns several brick and mortar retail stores. He also owns over 20 rental properties.

He has setup tight financial discipline in each business, so that they are cash flow positive.

But beyond owning multiple businesses he has also setup an operation that is constantly improving. He recognizes staff for improvements and when there are problems, he looks at it as an opportunity to improve.

Bruce has accomplished what many internet gurus like to call ‘multiple streams of income.’

It’s a great place to be.

You are not reliant on any one business, employee, customer, supplier or platform.

This is true FREEDOM.

But getting that first business going, can be hard.

One way to succeed, is to grow your repeat business.

RewardCamp can increase your repeat business and loyal customers quickly. Without you having to do any work.

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