An e-commerce retailer saw his monthly shipping costs drop from $120,000 to $80,000, a savings of $500,000 per year. Here’s how he did it.

  1. He called UPS and requested new rates. Then he called FedEx and showed the UPS prices and asked for a discount. After getting the FedEx discount, he went back to UPS and got an even better deal.
  2. He implemented shipping software that goes out and looks up the daily shipping rates from both UPS and FedEx. Then it automatically ships using the best rate for that day. He admits this was the most clever thing he did.

The software he uses is Shipstation. He wrote custom code to make Shipstation lookup the daily shipping rates. This story is an example of using systems to save money.

Similarly there are systems that make you money. Systems like RewardCamp that allow you to offer rewards and convert new buyers into loyal customers. Loyal customers buy more often, refer new business, and inoculate you from the competition.

But like everything else in life – you have to offer rewards using the right system, so that it delights your customers. That’s what RewardCamp specializes in. Start growing customer loyalty with a free trial of RewardCamp.

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