Last Saturday was a friend’s birthday. I took her and another friend out for dessert. We went to a New York City institution called Veneiro’s. They’ve been around for 123 years. Hopefully they’ll be around for another hundred years and won’t be driven out because the ‘rent is too damn high’ in this city.

We walked in at 11pm and the place is packed. A long line of people were waiting to be seated. Thankfully the line moved quickly and we were soon seated. We get a laminated menu showing pictures of 12 different desserts on each page.

My friend got a chocolate cake.  I had surprised myself. I’m a chocolate man (in every way you can think of 😉 but I ordered a four layer strawberry and banana cake. It’s because of the menu – the pictures makes it fun to browse, narrow down your options and even go with something outside your comfort zone.

The waiter arrived with our order. He had put a candle on my friend’s cake. We sang happy birthday and the rest of the restaurant joined in. It was a good celebration. We ended the night with decaf cappuccinos.

The point of this story?

Sell your customers not only on today’s order, but also on tomorrow’s order. Using their picture menu Veneiro’s not only sold me on the strawberry cake that night but also on their other desserts. I want to go back and try them.

But how do you sell your customers on future orders in e-commerce? You already have great pictures. What else can you do? Well, I have a little product called RewardCamp that can help you to sell your customers on their next order.

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