A friend once placed an order for 200 copies of a book to give out as gifts. Few days later he received an email rejecting the order.

Their reason for rejecting was that, they had a limited inventory of that specific book and did not want to sell the bulk of it to a single buyer so that many more customers could order it.

So my friend placed his order somewhere else.

This is an example of seeing a problem where there is opportunity.

Funny thing is that opportunities often present themselves as problems at first.

Edison saw opportunity in the dimness of the gas lamp.

Ford saw opportunity in the cars that only the rich could afford.

Alexander Hamilton saw opportunity in debt and being credit worthy.

I dropped some big names there but we don’t need to solve big problems. Opportunities are right in our door steps.

The greatest opportunity is with our customers.

RewardCamp helps you to tap into that opportunity.

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