Recently I was charged $66 by Godaddy for something I no longer use.

So I called customer service to get a refund.

I was expecting to do battle – be put on hold for long periods, ask for the manager, get frustrated and angry before getting my refund.

After about five minutes, some guy named Kyle answered the call. I told Kyle about the problem and that I wanted a refund.

I was expecting to get resistance.

Instead Kyle took a look at my account and said “no problem sir. Give me a few minutes to issue the refund.”

I was surprised and relieved!

Kyle came back a few minutes later and said all was taken care of. The call ended quickly and I told myself, “This is so great… I’m gonna buy from Godaddy forever…”

The point?

You can use customer dissatisfaction, as a way to build customer loyalty. Turn anger into surprise and joy.

But why wait till the customer is dissatisfied.

Appreciate your customers by offering them rewards for doing business.

Sign up now at to offer easy rewards that delight your customers.

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