Adam Schwartz, a little known but world class e-commerce entrepreneur who has built not one, but two million dollar e-commerce companies, taught a class a few months ago.

Adam’s class was about marketing and customer acquisition in e-commerce. I took the opportunity to learn from a master.

One of the first things Adam zeroed in on was:

“To determine who our best customers are, how to find more of them and how to train our bad customers to behave like the good ones.”

In order to gain insights about our customers, we need data.

We need data that can answer questions like:

Give me all customers who ordered twice in 30 days.

Give me all customers who ordered more than 3 times in 90 days.

Once you know the list of customers who buy repeatedly, you can start to look for patterns.

You may find that most one-time buyers are coming from Google Adwords.
Or that most repeat buyers are originating from Instagram.

Armed with such insights you can double down on channels that generate more repeat customers.

RewardCamp can provide you with intelligence like this.

Schedule a demo to learn how RewardCamp can help you learn about your best customers and their patterns of shopping.

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