This past Tuesday morning, I got involved in a brawl. Here’s the story:

It happened on the 5 train during the morning commute.

This guy (angry dude) was upset at two women for having to say excuse me, because they had taken three seats. Even after they moved to make space for him, he kept on yelling at them.

Within seconds, the man got so angry, he seemed like he was about to hit them.

That’s when a good samaritan (Rambo) shouted “Wait a minute! You can’t do that!”

Both guys stood up and began yelling.

All of a sudden, Rambo pepper sprays the angry guy. Which sent the other riders running to the other side of the train.

A few minutes later, the angry guy had Rambo in chokehold. Rambo was saying in a soft, struggled voice: “Help! I can’t breathe. Somebody help me.”

Something compelled me and I went over, not knowing exactly what to do.

I walked close to the angry guy and said “Bro, let him breathe… you don’t want him to die…” and kept repeating.

And then this other passenger joined in, who just happens to be a bouncer (I spoke to him later).

The bouncer guy was able to break up the fight. And at the next station, police got involved.

What a way to start the day!

Anywho, that brawl reminded me of retailer brawls.

Where retailers fight for new customers. Most times it’s a race to the bottom of prices and profits.

But there is a better approach.

Let other retailers duke it out while you focus on building repeat customers and growing your revenue.

RewardCamp, the most customer friendly rewards program, can help you increase repeat business. Check out a demo of RewardCamp to learn how.

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