“I need fourteen million dollars. It’s not for me, it’s for the Archer school. It’s going to change girls’ lives. I need fourteen million dollars. Thank you!”

So screamed Gary Goldberg, sticking his neck out from the window of his 14th floor apartment overlooking central park.

His wife Diana had co-founded the Archer School for Girls in Los Angeles in 1995. They mortgaged everything they owned to buy a building for the school and now it was time to pay.

But they were short.

Gary believed in the psychic realm and had spoken to many psychics.

One of these ladies told him that the universe is always available to help.

But you have to be very specific.

You have to ask for it.

And say thank you.

And that’s what Gary did, screaming from outside his window. But he was worried.

Steven Spielberg and Bono lived in the same building above Gary. As Gary said:

”God seems to really like them a lot too. I was afraid that he would hear the scream but give them the money. So I had to tell ‘13D, apartment 13D is where the money has to come’”

The money did end up coming, via Jeffrey Katzenberg, David Geffen and Steven Spielberg.

Archer School for the Girls went on to become one of the best schools in LA. 35% of it’s students are from underprivileged backgrounds. Students from the school have gone on to Princeton, Harvard and Brown.

May the universe be kind to you and your family.

Happy holidays!

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