I have a deep question for you today – what’s the purpose of your website?

Is it to build trust?

Is it to make a sale?

Is it to collect a lead?

Is it to provide information?

Seems like it’s all of the above. But the real answer is that, your website has two jobs – to make a sale and to collect a lead.

So which one is more important?

Let’s look to our elders and wise ones, for some insight on this.

One of the great gurus of e-commmerce, Adam Schwartz (he’s the cofounder of two million dollar e-commerce companies), has said that it’s incredibly difficult to convert a visitor into a customer on their first visit.

It is so difficult that you could do everything right and still not convince a visitor to buy from you on their first visit.

So what do you do?

Well, according to Adam Schwartz, the answer is simple – you collect their email address.

Then you can market to them via email, social or retargetting.

Over time, you’ll convert some of these leads into customers.

Your next challenge will be converting these new customers into repeat customers.

This is where the gold lies.

This is where your e-commerce business can grow to the next level – when you have figured out how to get tons of repeat customers.

One of the great ways to increase repeat business is via a rewards program powered by RewardCamp.

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