Somewhere in the mid-west, a man has figured out a way to automate his job. What used to take the last guy a month, now takes him less than an hour.

He works as a developer and his job is to take these insanely complicated spreadsheets and cleanup the data so that it can be fed into the company’s ancient software. It’s tedious and boring work. He’s been at the job for 18 months.

During that time, he wrote a script that grabs the complicated spreadsheets, works through all the errors, removes formatting problems and dumps the clean data into the legacy system. It takes less than 10 minutes for the script to get the data ready.

Because he works from how, he can spend the rest of the time with his kid.

But he also feels guilty.

He isn’t sure whether he should tell his employer. He’s worried they’ll let him go once they find out. And he does enjoy the free time, especially the moments he spends with his kid.

What this guy has accomplished – freeing up his time – is something that entrepreneurs are also trying to do. In fact, we are trying to create time AND money freedom.

But only a few succeed.

Most entrepreneurs fail to create a profitable business. Out of those, even fewer are able to create a business that gives them time freedom.

The more the business grows, the more time and stress involved for the entrepreneur. They can’t step away from the business. That’s because they have built a business that is completely dependent on the owner.

The solution is to build your business using systems. Those systems will run the business whether the entrepreneur is involved or not.

She can step away to travel.

She can step away to spend time with the kids.

Or she can spend time building a new business. It’s all up to her.

Systems can involve technology but it doesn’t have to. A one page instruction on handling returned orders is a simple and effective system. But the best systems are ones that work, can be automated and make you money.

RewardCamp is one such system. It’s a system for building customer loyalty in a way that delights customers and increases your revenues, all while you sleep.

RewardCamp is so effective, that it’ll send you a monthly report showing how much money you made from RewardCamp.

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You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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