I’m reading ‘Surely Your Joking Mr. Feynman’ an autobiography of the Nobel-prize winning physicist Richard Feynman. As a young man, Feynman redid many Physics experiments to build a strong understanding of the foundations. This focus on the basics consistently helped him throughout his life.

When Feynman was a grad student at Princeton, his adviser asked him to give a technical talk. The talk was a topic that attracted the heavy weights of the scientific world. Among the people who were planning to attend included:

  • Albert Einstein.
  • Henry Norris Russell, the top astronomer of the time.
  • John von Neumann, a giant in the field of mathematics and computer science.
  • Wolfgang Pauli, a Nobel-prize winning physicist.

Feynman became nervous at the prospect of presenting to such an audience of heavy weights. He told his adviser about his fears. The adviser comforted him by saying that he’d be there to answer any questions from the audience. The day of the talk came and all these extremely smart scientists were filing into the lecture hall. As they were reviewing the handouts, Feynman’s hands began trembling from nervousness.

Feynamn wasn’t sure he could make it through the lecture. But then something happened that Feynman described as a miracle.

“Then a miracle occurred, as it has occurred again and again in my life, and it’s very lucky for me: the moment I start to think about the physics, and have to concentrate on what I’m explaining, nothing else occupies my mind – I’m completely immune to being nervous. So after I started to go, I just didn’t know who was in the room. I was only explaining this idea, that’s all.”

Feynman’s success in overcoming his nervousness had another reason. It was his habit of developing a solid understanding of the basics. That solid understanding of the basics gave him a comfort in focusing on far more complex topics. The physics replaced the nervousness.

Building a strong foundation in the basics not only works in physics but also in e-commerce. Here at RewardCamp we focus on the basics too.


By focusing on rewarding customers for only one behavior – buying again from you. Not on writing reviews. Not on social media sharing. But only for ordering again.

Another basic idea we focus on is making it easy for your customers to earn and use their rewards.

And the results speak for themselves. We have over 90% loyalty rate with our retailers. Our retailers easily increase their repeat order revenue by over 100% and some have increased by as much as 350%.

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