Back in April of this year, a woman ignited a fire from her own fart.

It happened while she was undergoing surgery involving a laser. Her fart combusted when it came in contact with the laser. Tragically, the fire then spread to her hospital gowns and legs. But she survived.

The hospital did not learn of the true cause of the accident until a recent investigation.

It was revealed that no flammable materials were used in surgery and the surgical equipment was functioning properly.

The poor patient and the hospital did everything right – and yet something still went wrong.

So it goes in e-commerce, where you can do everything right – offer a good product at a great price, with great service – and the customer still won’t buy.

The intense competition does not help.

The easy to find deals don’t help.

The impersonal nature of e-commerce doesn’t help.

But there is a solution. It was invented back in the 30s.

You can offer a reward to your customers for buying again from you.

And if you offer the rewards using a customer-friendly loyalty app like Rewardcamp, you’ll make your customers extra happy.

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