Modern Automotive Performance (MAP) of Minnesota got a ton of new customers recently from an order confirmation email they sent out.

The email was funny and it delighted the customer so much that he shared it on social media where it caught fire!

Here’s the email:

Dear Brian,

All was quiet today until the MAP warehouse intercom crackled to life:

“Listen up, people! We’ve got a new order for Brian from Bossier City…”

…but no one could hear the rest of the announcement over the thunderous roar of applause. Champagne bottles were popped. Tears of joy were shed. “Don’t stop believing” rang from every speaker. Even James our logistics manager smiled – and James never smiles.

Simply put, your order caused pandemonium and everyone is thrilled to have earned your business.

Once we clean up our celebration mess, we’ll be working to get your order packaged, shipped and on its way to you ASAP. Our tracking team will follow up with shipment information as soon as it becomes available, but feel free to reach out for updates at any time.

Thank you again for choosing Modern Automotive Performance, if you have any questions or concerns simple respond to this email and we will respond promptly.

Here’s something else that Modern Automotive Performance does to keep their customers engaged – they provide rewards.

Join the winners by offering your customers rewards through the friendliest rewards platform – RewardCamp.

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