Once a lion, a donkey and a fox went hunting. (Yup, donkeys don’t hunt… but this one does.)

They caught a large game and the donkey was asked to divide the kill. He did this fairly, giving an equal share to each.

The fox was satisfied but the Lion became very upset.

Suddenly and without warning, he killed the donkey and added him to the pile of meat.

The Lion then calmly turned to the fox, as if nothing just happened and asked:

“Dear fox, do you mind dividing up our hunt please?”

The fox quickly got to work. He put all the meat into one giant heap and took a small drumstick for himself.

The Lion was very pleased with the fox’s work and happily asked:

“Who taught you to divide so fairly?” and began devouring the game.

The fox answered “I learned my lesson from the donkey.”

Slowly but quietly the fox started backing away. As soon as he was out of sight of the Lion, he ran the hell out of there, saving himself from the psychopathic lion.

The moral of the story? There are many Lions in our world – Ebay, Google, Facebook, Amazon.

Use them carefully. Ultimately, they will never share in a fair manner. That is the nature of lions – to do what suits them.

The solution is to build your own base of customers, especially loyal customers.

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