At age 10, Big Sean was visualizing himself rapping with the greats of hip hop.

At age 11, he bought his first Eminem CD from Costco with his mom.

By the time he was in high school, Big Sean was participating in weekly rap battles hosted at the local hip-hop radio station, WHTD.

So when Kanye West was being in interviewed at WHTD in 2005, Big Sean used his relationship there, to get close to Kanye.

He tried to rap for Kanye West, but West was in a rush and refused. Big Sean persisted and Kanye agreed to listen for a few seconds, which turned into several minutes of listening.

Kanye liked what he heard and they exchanged numbers.

And then nothing happened. Meanwhile, his friends were going off to college. He was broke and it was a depressing time for him.

Around then, his mom gave him some books to read. One of the books ‘Ask And It Is Given’ changed his thinking process.

He then refocused on recording and improving his skills as a rapper and continued to believe that the opportunity would come around.

He graduated high school with a 3.7 GPA and had to decide between college and pursuing his rap dreams. He chose rap.

It took two more years but eventually Big Sean was signed to Kanye’s label in 2007.

Today Big Sean is a mainstream hip hop star.

The point?

Big Sean was stuck even after he met with Kanye. Success began to unfold only when he changed his thinking and began focusing on improving rather than becoming a star.

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