Something exciting happened the other day.

Few months ago, I was doing a demo for a potential new customer. Let’s call him Bob. The demo was going well but Bob had a firm requirement for a feature that we don’t have. And I’m proud that we don’t have it.

Two of my biggest competitors offer this feature. But we never will.

The feature is a rewards button that customers can click and gives them info about the rewards program and to check their points. Although it looks like a button, it works like a popup that loads separately from your site.

These things slow down your site.

We do allow customers to view their rewards but not via a popup button. Bob kept insisting that without a rewards popup, he did not want to use RewardCamp.

I have heard this concern before.

So I explained to Bob – the entire job of your website is to convert a visitor into a buyer. There are certain things that help and other things that hurt conversion.

Some of the top things that help with conversion are good product images, pricing, reviews, speed of website, credibility, etc. Everything else is a distraction.

Popups, even ones that look like floating buttons hurt conversion.

They slow down your site.

They distract the visitor.

They sometimes get in the way of where the visitor wants to click.

The percentage of visitors who use rewards popups are extremely low.

But Bob was still skeptical.

I then opened up the websites of top retailers on my computer (he was viewing my screen). I pulled up some of the top e-commerce retailers – Amazon, Dell, Best Buy. None of these showed popups of any kind. There wasn’t even a rewards program mentioned even though they all have one.

They don’t have popups because it hurts their conversion.

Bob started to get it. Bob recently became a paid customer.

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