A retailer got into some social media drama the other day. And it was caused by a customer.

This retailer holds contests on Facebook often.

What happened is, one of their customers won the same contest twice in the space of a few weeks.

The retailer wanted to give other customers a chance to win, so they informed him that he would not be eligible the second time.

But the customer would not have it.

He went on a tirade on the company’s Facebook page. Soon others were commenting and it was becoming something of a drama.

The customer started sharing the post. People who were not even customers were chiming in.

Soon people were trashing the retailer. Comments were pouring in before they could be addressed.

The retailer ended up relenting and issuing the prize (which was a $20 product).

Customer service is not easy. But sometimes difficult people make it a real challenge.

Throw in social media and it doesn’t matter whose right or wrong. The retailer ends up paying.

However, customer service is a joy when you have loyal customers. They are understanding and will give you a chance to make things right. And most importantly, they appreciate you.

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